Nisekoi Alternate Ending

I recently caught up with Nisekoi since the story appears to be entering the climax. I have intense feelings about this manga because of the waifu wars and whatnot, but I’ll refrain from expressing any malice toward any characters. There is a certain ending I want for this manga, though, that would result in a continuation of the manga beyond the current arc, which many people believe to be the last. As of Chapter 221, the “promise girl” has been revealed, and, unless there is another plot twist, she is Kosaki. This was well within my expectations, and the circumstances happened in a manner I had anticipated. The theories I’ve seen predicted Kosaki to be the promise girl in order to set Chitoge up as the final girl. While Chitoge came up with the idea of having a pendant and keys to make a promise of marriage, it was ultimately Kosaki that made the promise with Raku. In a crowning moment of heartwarming, an extremely-mature-for-her-age Chitoge hands over the Princess Key to Kosaki after accidentally eavesdropping on Raku’s confession to Kosaki. Although Raku had made a promise to marry Chitoge in the future, the official promise was shifted to Kosaki. The ending that I want to see is one that changes the genre of this manga to “Fantasy,” and for that to happen, the promise girl needs to shift back to Chitoge.

When this current arc ends, Raku will have cleared up his feelings for Kosaki and made his confession to Chitoge. They reenact the promise, and then the true story begins, a story that follows the book Zawsze in Love faithfully. In Chapter 90, the characters read the book which was found in Kosaki’s room. Later, they find some of the missing pages in Haru’s room. The final pages were hidden away in Chitoge’s wardrobe in the house at Tengu Plateau where they spent that one summer. The story goes like this:

A long, long time ago, in a certain place, there were two kingdoms. The prince and princess of the two kingdoms were very close friends. The two had promised to each other to get married once they had grown older. But one day…a war broke out between the two kingdoms, and the two were separated. On the day of their parting, the princess said, “Zawsze in love.” You will hold the “lock,” I will hold the “key.” Let us clutch to them tightly, never to leave our persons. When the day comes when we meet again, let use retrieve the contents of that lock with this key, and live happily ever after. The two stored a treasure into the locked pendant, vowed to meet again, and went their separate ways.

The separated two wanted to see each other very much. Unable to bear with it, the prince began to run. Over plains, over mountains. The prince prince ran toward the princess’s side. But what could this be? A large door appeared in front of the prince. A fine lock adorned the door. The prince was very troubled, but then a girl with a key appeared.

“Oh dear, you seem to be in a bind. I shall lend aid to thee.” As she said that, she gently inserted the key…

The prince began to run once more. The distance between him and the princess became ever so small. It was only a little bit more to where the princess was. However…My, what a catastrophe. The princess’s castle was burning. The prince, forgetting his exhaustion, began to run. But unfortunately, the princess had already passed away. The prince cried, with great heaving sobs.

“Zawsze in Love.” When the prince uttered these words, he took the key, cradled in the princess’s hands so preciously, and placed it within his lock. The lock then opened before his eyes, and from within came two rings, engraved with the prince and princess’s names.

When the Prince put the rings on their fingers, the angels appeared again.

“Oh poor prince. We will let you meet the princess again.”

And then, the angels took the prince to heaven brought the princess back to life. The prince and princess lived happily ever after in heaven.

The end.

In the ending I wish to see, Chitoge would be the promise girl, and she and Raku would be the princess and prince from the book. If the manga were to have an alternate ending starting from chapter 221, it would go a little something like this:

The current story follows the main characters while they are in an alternate universe (a different timeline) while there are problems in the true timeline. Perhaps in the true timeline, the Shuei Clan and the Beehive Gang are in the midst of a terrible war. Raku and Chitoge become separated and he tries to find his way back to her. In this case, America and Japan are parallels to the two kingdoms and the distance between the two. When Raku finally reaches Chitoge, she has unfortunately passed away. The book Zawsze in Love exists in the true timeline as a magical item, but no promise had ever been made. As Raku is about to die to be with Chitoge in a Romeo and Juliet style ending, he is given a chance to change the story.

In order to save Chitoge, Raku enters a different universe or timeline using the book as a magical catalyst, but has no memories of his love for Chitoge. He meets a girl who is sitting on a rock and crying over the tragic ending of a book and changes the ending for her. This girl is Chitoge. In this world, Raku meets up with the other girls, Kosaki, Marika, and Yui who were supposed to be the angels, but without his memories of his other life, he falls in love with Kosaki instead. Thus the story has continued until the present time of the current timeline until Raku has realized his love for Chitoge.

Chitoge and Raku are the princess and prince from two different kingdoms (the Shuei Clan and the Beehive Gang). The become friends, as evidenced by the period of time Raku considered Chitoge to be his “best friend.” They were supposed to make a promise as children, but Raku ends up falling in love with Kosaki and making a promise with her instead, corrupting the story and causing the Princess Key to become tarnished and beat up. Once the promise has been corrected and the pendant has been unlocked, Raku can return to the true timeline and save Chitoge with the rings found in the pendant.

This has been a crazy interpretation of Nisekoi and is something that completely changes the genre of the entire story. Something like this is highly unlikely to occur in the manga, but it might end up in a fan-fiction one day. Regardless of the outcome, I hope everyone is happy or able to move on.